Privacy & Cookies

This site doesn’t collect personal info, except what you might submit yourselves when posting submissions to us or asking questions. I don’t keep the data.

What about cookies?

This site uses cookies. A huge load of them are from WordPress itself and we can’t do a thing about. They’re mainly there to let the site run.

None collect info that personally identifies you as an individual human being.

Beyond the WordPress ones, there’s a series of first party and third party cookies, plus persistent ones.

The main cookies that we actively set are third party ones from Google Analytics (tells us how many people have visited the site) and social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, etc…

The ones we don’t have as much control over (beyond WordPress as above) are ones set by Twitter and YouTube. The Twitter one is there, because we have a Tweet widget on the site.

The YouTube one is set by YouTube because of videos that we post from there.

You can learn tonnes about cookies and how they work by going to

What’s that, you wanna change your browser settings on cookies? Again, visit

Why doesn’t have a cookie settings button or something on the site?

Because, ironically, stuff like that only works via installing at least one cookie on your browser.

Unfortunately, if you don’t like cookies, there’s nothing I can do about that. You’re welcome to delete cookies or try to block them all, but it will reduce functionality to the website.