My first full kinetic Typography video

Here’s my first full kinetic typography video for a client, Radix Communications. It’s also the first video I have done for a business. What’s it about? Well, read on…

Kinetic Typography videos are ones where animated writing appear on screen while it is being spoken. Although it doesn’t sound too fantastic, couple that with a fast pace, along with other visual pleasantries (such as shadows, darkened corners, texture mapping, etc…) and it can be quite entertaining.

So how did I achieve this? It was a long process. First, come up with a script and record the voice (for which I have to thank Emily King for both). Then I noted down the frames for when each word was spoken (slowing down the audio came in handy here). Then it’s time to use a compositing program. I’ve heard a lot of people use Adobe programs for this, but I used AVID FX. You can use either.

The writing was the easy part, the tedious part was configuring each word to both appear on time as well as in an interesting manner. For this, I used keyframes and masks. Configuring so many keyframes was very time consuming, but ultimately rewarding. For the images themselves, I used EPS files that I created through Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator – this is a type of vector image (which is important because I needed to have images where I could zoom in without pixelisation occurring).

After that, it was just a case of putting things together – music, dialogue, etc…

Overall, I think this video was actually very long for a kinetic typography video and I have spent many hours on it, but I like what I’ve managed to achieve and next time, I think a slightly different style will be needed (along with a shorter length).